Friday Letters

Dear Costco,

I have missed you.  Where else can you get a 48 oz bag of Craisens for $4?  That’s 3 lbs people!

Dear Sorel Snow boots,

Thanks for keeping my tootsies warm and dry and for not letting my fall on my ass when I step on a patch of ice.


Dear Library,

You have no idea how happy this makes me:


And a little stressed.  Time to get some reading done.

Dear Haley:

I really hope you don’t get your momma’s big old clodhoppers, but it might be looking that way.



Dear bloggers,

Happy Friday!



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This n That Thursday

This n That Thursday

This: These are my two dogs.


We’ve have Sadie (L) 4 years and Rudy (R) 6.  Ever since I had the baby, I feel like the worst doggie mommy.  I don’t pay nearly enough attention to them, I’m telling them to go away more than cuddling them.  And they are so good with Haley, letting her climb on them, playing ball with her, eating all the food she doesn’t want.  I’ve tried to take all three (baby + 2 dogs) on walks, but it’s not easy pushing a stroller and holding two leashes.

THAT:  My husband and I got a deep fryer this weekend.  

IMG_2321He wanted to make California Burritos (carne asada, quac, and french fries – I know I know but they’re so good) and we needed a fryer.  At first I was worried about having this fat making machine in my house and all the yummy fried food I wanted to make (I’ve never had fried Oreos) but that fear went away yesterday.  I wanted fries with lunch, so I had to go get the fryer out of the closet (we don’t have enough counter space for it to have permanent residence there), get it all set up, turn it on, wait for it to heat the oil, fry those fries.  Now the fun part, wait till everything cools, take it apart, clean the baskets, the coil, strain the oil and pour it into the jug, clean the vat (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called, but you know what I mean right) dry it all, putting it back together, putting it back in its storage place.  Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but remember people, I’m cleaning oil.  A lot of work for a few fries.  So- I’m happy we got the fryer (those burritos were awesome) and feel we got a pretty good one (they’re all going to be a pain in the keester to clean) and since it’s kinda a whole big thing to use it, I don’t think I’ll be using it daily.  But when I get a hankering for some fried mozzarella sticks, or donuts, or some onion rings… it’s nice to have on hand.

This:  I have decided I don’t much like shopping on-line.  Please don’t hate me, I have my reasons.

1. I don’t like to wait.  I know for some that’s the fun part, but I’d much rather just go to a store and buy what I want and have it then.

2.  I can’t hold the thing in my hand.  Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but many times I’ve received something and it didn’t look as nice as it did in the picture.

3.  I can’t try it on.  I like to try things on.

4.  When you need to return it, it’s sometimes a hassle.

I bought a denim jacket online.  I wanted a particular one and they didn’t have it in the store.  So I tried on a similar jacket at the store so I’d know what size and bought the jacket online. It took over a week to get, when I finally got it, too big. I don’t like the cut of the jacket either, very boxy.  The store will refund my money minus S&H of course, but I have to mail it back and pay for that- I can only exchange it in the store.  So basically, I just paid 10 bucks to try it on.  I love to online window shop, but when it comes time to buy, I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way… unless you just cant get that item in the store, or there is no store near me, or there is an online only special.  I still don’t like it.  If any one has any suggestions I’d love to hear.

THAT:  I still haven’t gotten the new tank for my coffeemaker.  Boo!

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Improving my tomorrows

I haven’t been to the dentist in way too many years.  After the nagging comments from my husband, my MIL, and my own head,  I decided  to make an appointment.  Today was the day, ack!  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to cancel.  Or hoped that they would call and cancel, or my husband wouldn’t make it home to watch Haley so I wouldn’t be able to go, or there would be an issue with my insurance and I would have to reschedule (I thought up many escape strategies, and I only really had one day to think about it).

But I went.  And as I sat in the waiting room shaking- I’m not kidding, I was physically shaking, I could barely fill out the paper work- and contemplating just walking out of the waiting room, I went to facebook to distract me. As I was scrolling through FB, I saw this picture:


(ok, it wasn’t this exact photo, but the saying was the same and that’s what’s important!)

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows>”- Ralph Marston

Then it hit me, I could leave and continue to worry about my teeth while they progressively get worse and eventually have major dental issues on my hands,  or I could suck it up and be a big girl and save a load of stress and keep my teeth. So,  I stayed…  and I dealt with it.  And WOW!  I feel better than I have for awhile.  I have a few more dental appointments in my near future(a deep cleaning and a few fillings), and while things aren’t wonderful, at least I know my teeth aren’t going to fall out in my sleep (am I the only one who has this dream?).  Alright, so I probably would have stayed regardless, but these words did help me remember why I was there.

As you may have guessed, I have a tendency to put things off.  Sometimes to the last minute, sometimes way past that.  I don’t know why I do this.  Not only does not dealing with these types of things not make them any better, 99% of the time they get worse, so much worse. And I’m tired of it!  I am tired of stressing about things rather than dealing with them. I’m 30 years old for goodness sake (there’s a child who’s learning to talk in the home, gotta watch the language).

At the beginning of the year, a bunch of people were talking about their words.  The word they will live by for this year.  I sorta thought about it and the word I liked was “proactive” but I didn’t really feel it.  Another blogger, Katie from Katie did What used a phrase instead of a word, and I liked that idea, but still nothing jumped out at me.  When I read this quote, it all fit together. I need to think more long term, deal with problems as they arise, take care of things before they become problems.  I have said this to myself before, more than once.  And honestly, I don’t know if I mean it more today than I did before, but I really am getting frustrated with myself for doing this.

So here is my pledge:  I will no longer leave things for Future Lauren to figure out.  I will handle things as soon as they arise, or as soon as I can.  This applies to everything from picking up little messes around the house, to putting money away for the future.  Here it is again:


It’s amazing what a simple phrase can do for you when it comes to you at the right moment.

Ok, so I feel like I just made my self sound totally irresponsible, which I’m not, but we all have our bad habits…right?

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This n That Thursday

This: I finished Haley’s Apron:


I am so happy with the way it turned out that I am going to make one for my friend’s 2 year old son, kinda a late bday present. Joann’s here I come!  This is the tutorial I found


That: Now that I have complete all of two projects, I have have what my momma calls “the bug.”  When I saw this dress, I said to myself “Dude, I can make that!”    


A. Yes, I say dude, a lot, to anyone, regardless of gender

B. I have no idea if I can actually make this.  Remember, I got my sewing maching for Christmas and I am barely a novice at this.  But thanks to the internet, I found another tutorial.  YAY! One step closer to Project Runway.

This: Somehow my coffeemaker broke…  Okay I did it!  I was trying to clean it out and broke what just happens to be a VERY important piece, the thingy that keeps the coffee inside the tank and not all over my counter. So until my replacement tank shows up in the mail (I was able to call HamiltonBeach and buy a new tank instead of a new coffee maker), I get to brew coffee like this



Ever so often I have to pour the cup back into the tank so it stays warm.  And I have to keep a pretty close eye on it while it brew or we have a pretty big mess on our hands (learned that one Monday).  Maybe this doesn’t seem all that dire, but coffee is extremely important to me, and I like it pretty hot.  And…

That:  The reason I was going all Monica Geller on my coffee maker is because my momma sent me two bags of my favorite coffee.  I wanted a nice clean coffee maker to make my awesome CBLT Mocha Java.  Now that it’s broken, I have to wait longer to make this wonderful coffee.  I know, life’s tough! At least I have Caribou Coffee to help me through this difficult time in my life…

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What I Wore Wednesday

I saw this picture a while back on Pinterest (where else) and loved the look.  I also realized I had all those basic pieces so it wouldn’t too hard to recreate. Except for the boots, I really need to get me a good pair of low heel boots.  (I have been saying that for months).

This was my first venture into posting about my clothes.  I didn’t really know how to go about getting pictures of my outfit so I tried some bathroom mirror portraits.  Easy right?  Well, I learned a few things:

1.  It’s really hard for me to look natural while trying to take a picture of myself.



2. Flashes and mirrors don’t work



3.  I really need to clean my bathroom mirrors. Like bad!


And now that I have looked at all these pictures, I don’t even like my outfit that much.

These were kinda fun though:



Anyways… Sorry I didn’t get any good pictures of my clothes, I guess I’ll try something else next time. .  Any suggestions?

Shirt: Walmart (similar here)

Cami: Aeropostale

jeans: A&E straight leg

scarf: NY&Co

Watch: NY&Co similar here

Sunglasses: Maui Jims (husbands, he left them at home so I got to play with them)

Earrings: Kohls Lauren Conrad similar here

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Tuesday 10


10 Things you still handwrite

I have been thinking about this list since I saw it on last weeks Tuesday 10 and I am sad to say that I did not come up with much.  When I was teaching, I hand wrote things all the time.  Notes home, lesson plan outlines, notes during meetings… Now that I stay at home, I realized I go days without writing anything by hand.  This is my meager list.

1.  Grocery list

I have one of these things on my fridge,


so there is some checking involved, but I do write most of the items by hand.  I also write what I plan on making for the week and where I plan on buying certain items.

2.  Weekly Menu


After I do my shopping before I throw out my grocery list, I write down what I plan on making that week.  Otherwise I forget.  The specific day actually means nothing.

3.  Checks

Like others have said, there are a few checks that we still write (my husband and I).  Like the one to the water company, which I think is due soon…

4.  Signing in

When we go to story time or the doctor’s, I have to sign in.  Just Haley’s name and mine.  Sometimes email, or insurance info.  Not very exciting at all.

So that’s about as far as I got.  Wow, that’s awful.  So the remainder of my list is devoted to things that I am going to try to write more by hand.

5. Cards/letters

This year all my Christmas cards were done, addressed, and sent through  Awesome, but I didn’t write a single thing by hand.  I sent cards to my grandma and papa a week or so ago, again through cardstore, again, nothing hand written.

6.  Haley’s baby book


This was from her birthday, in September.  I don’t think I have written in it since.  Bad mommy!

7.  Calendar

I have play dates, appointments, bills due.  I need to get a small planner and start writing things down.  I don’t like trying to put it in my phone calendar, just to much work.

8. Journaling

I have this weird thing where I love to buy journals.  Look how pretty.


The sad thing is they are all blank.  I love to buy them, think about all the wonderful things I am going to write in them, but they stay blank.

9.  Blog notes

I have ideas, don’t write them down, they go away.  I should change that.  Maybe use some of my journal space… it notes to hubby

I text him constantly, he might enjoy a few hand written post its. I know I do.  And I have a ton of post its from my teaching days.

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Friday Letters

Dear Miranda Lambert

If I ever get into a bar fight, I hope you have my back.  I figure one is about as likely to happen as the other.

PS- Love the song “Mama’s Broken Heart”-

Powder your nose, paint your toes
Line your lips and keep ’em closed
Cross your legs, dot your I’s
And never let ’em see you cry

Go and fix your make up, well it’s just a break up
Run and hide your crazy and start actin’ like a lady
‘Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together
Even when you fall apart
But this ain’t my mama’s broken heart

Dear Momma,

Thanks for the care package.  2 bags of CBLT Mocha Java should last me a little while.  AlsoI love my American Apperal Leggings and now all I need are a pair of shoes to go with them. Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Dear Wind,

I don’t like you. Go away!

Dear Readers,

I am super exhausted from the zoo today and don’t have anything clever or interesting to say. That and my husband and daughter are playing and it’s super cute and therefore way distracting. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.



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This n That Thursday

Linkin up with Katie from Katie Did What for some Thursday This n That.  Wow, already Thursday again.  January seems to be flying by.

This:  I went to Noodles & Co yesterday for lunch and these were my chopsticks:


A bit sassy don’t you think.  Really though, why else do we use chopsticks than to me us feel all important and sophisticated?  And the instructions, awesome.

THAT:  Last week I finished my first real sewing project (we are not going to talk about the bag I attempted to make).  I made a little dress for Haley.  This was the pattern i used and this is how it turned out


I did’t add the appliques because I didn’t think I was ready for that yet.  I made a lot of mistakes, but at least it looks like what it’s supposed to and she can wear it.  Next I am making her an apron. Hopefully it will be ready next week.  I’m nervous because I have to do that whole “sew two pieces of fabric together then turn right side out and finish” and  I haven’t done that before.  And it seems really hard.

This:  I saw Les Mis last week.  Of course Anne Hathaway did an amazing job and deserves several awards, but one of my favorite characters was the teenage Eponine.  This girl, Samantha Barks, was so beautiful, and had an amazing voice.  I was very impressed by her performance.  I always seems to connect with this type of character too.  I mean, my favorite character in Romeo and Juliet is Paris.  Anyways, isn’t she gorgeous?


THAT:  Okay I’m gonna say it, and I know so many people are not going to like it, but seriously ..  Les Mis…  do we really need all that singing?  Don’t get me wrong, it was an impressive movie.  The scenery was breathtaking.  But, after awhile (actually right away) the constant singing started to seem, well, silly.  When I got home I told my husband – who by the way hates musicals, other than Phantom because it’s a guys musical, whatever that means- that he would really like it, if there was a lot less singing.  A former thief trying to do the right thing, a cop who wont let him forget his past. People fighting back against a government who has mistreated them too long.  I’m planning on reading the book, the story is really good.  Please don’t come back at me and explain it’s an Opreta (or whatever) or that it’s a classic, or anything else.  I just think it would have been better if it had less singing.  Or maybe I need to see it on stage, because I wasn’t too impress with West Side Story the movie either and I like musicals.

Well, that’s my This n That.



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I have to cleaning again? I did not sign up for this!

I have never been a fan of cleaning.  Just don’t like it.  I know, who does?  But it’s way down there on my list of “Things I want to do today.” Let me tell you, when Haley goes down for her nap, there are many things I want to do for the 1-2 “free” hours that I have:  read my book, write on my blog, browse the internet, watch as many Law & Order: SVU episodes as USA will air, fiddle around with my sewing machine… the list goes on and on.  Did you notice what was not on that list?  You got it: clean.   

However, now that I am a stay at home momma, I guess that it is expected that the house is clean.  It’s one of the few drawbacks of getting to stay home every day with my little squirt.  And it means a lot to the husband, and he works so hard.  Arg. And it was one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

So I spent a couple hours cleaning the house, and you know what, by the next day I swear you couldn’t tell.  So I have to clean the house every day!  WHAT?!?!  Between three adults, two dogs, and a sixteen month old, the cleaned house doesn’t stay that way for long.  So, I vacuum  mop, do laundry, wipe down counter tops, try-unsuccessfully- to get the finger prints off my stainless steal fridge (any suggestions, Windex not doin’ it), put Haley’s toys back where they belong, for the billionth time.  For what, so that I can start all over again tomorrow, actually tonight after dinner?

Haley tries to help, but the vacuum is still a bit too heavy for her.



I do appreciate the offer though.

I just got done with round one of cleaning today.  Have you seen this note on Pinterest? (I tried to look up the source, no luck)


I think it needs to be in my kitchen today.  Actually, the whole house, all the time.

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Linking up with Lena B. Acutally and Brin of Bold Butter Baby in Tuesday 10 today.  The theme is Ten Professions You Wish you had.

-My hopefully, someday, maybe-

High School English Teacher

Since I am now a stay at home momma, I this is no longer my job. but when it was, I loved it.  Someday I will probably be doing this again.

A novelist

If I could just get some of my great ideas down on paper and into some acceptable story format…

Book reviewer

Get free books, read them, talk about them, get paid.  What could be better?  Still kinda trying to make this happen.  So if you know anyone…

College English Professor

Always thought it would be fun.  Kinda like teaching high school, but with maybe more buy in from the students. 

Something in the book publishing umbrella

I love books and would love to have some input on what gets published.  I think this would be fun.

-My that ship has (probably) sailed, but what if-


With the giraffes please. No snakes!


Don’t I look like I could do this for a living?  Baby and all…

Professional Soccer Player

Maybe one day this was remotely possible, but when I watch women’s soccer I want to get out there sooo bad.

Soccer pics 096

Here’s me a few years back.


and here’s the pro.  Go Alex!

-My never gonna happen but it’s fun to dream-


Can’t carry a tune, but love to belt it out.


I can follow a recipe like nobody’s business.


I’ve been watching Bunheads too much lately.




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