Library Day

I love the local libraries. I go online, request a few titles, and when they’re ready I get an email to come pick them up. I don’t really like browsing the stacks–not too easy with a 14 month old in tow– so it’s awesome the I can do most of it online.

It’s not that we never spend time in the library, Haley and I go twice a week for Baby Storytime. 30 mins of stories, songs, rhymes and playtime with 20 ish other babies. And a great opportunity for me to get to know other mommies in my area.

Wow, I am sounding like a commercial.  I promise I don’t work for the library, but that would be way cool.  I might look into that…  Just wanted to share what I am sure many know, but forget about.

So here is my most recent check out list and I have two or three waiting for me. I have a month to get these read so I better get going. I know Clockwork Orange is going to take some time.

Partials by Dan Wells

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

I also checked out the The Little Mermaid DVD. It had been so long since I saw that movie. It still makes me cry. You know the part where King Triton says “There’s only one problem… How much I’m going to miss her” and then he turns her into a human. Tears welling in my eyes. I looked on Netflix, at Redbox, at my local Walmarts and Targets and on Amazon. Not readily available. But lo and behold, it was at the library. Love it! And ( I am going to repeat this many many times) it was FREE. I will probably end up buying it someday, but not today.


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