Will you be my friend?

welcome-friendsSo how does a thirty year old woman make friends?

When I moved out of the Ventura County, I left all my friends and family there–except for my husband of course, he came with me.  It was hard making new friends, but I was working at a school with a bunch of cool people.  Making friends at work isn’t too hard.  You have lunch with people, sit next to them at meetings, someone suggests a bunch of us go out for a drink after work. Voila, friends.  I mean, I’m nice, not too weird-at first- I don’t stink, and doggone it people like me!

Well now that I am a stay at home mom, I don’t have that easy friend-making opportunity.

I don’t work-hence the “stay at home mom” part, I am new to the area so I don’t really go anywhere, and I don’t really know people who can introduce me to other people.

I meet other SAHMs at the storytimes I take Haley. Some women have been very nice. We talk, chat about our kids. But how do you approach someone you don’t know and ask them to be your friend? “Hey you seem cool, and our kids seem to get along… Will you be my friend?” It’s not really appropriate to ask someone at 10 am if she wants to go get a drink after storytime.

When Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out I really wanted to go see it, but had no one who would go with me. My husband actually asked one of his female employees to invite me along when he found out she was going. (He told her that I wanted to go and that he’d really appreciate it if she invited me).  I ended up having a good time with her and her friend, but it was slightly awkward for me.  Not really knowing if she wanted me there.  Kinda felt like the third wheel.

So I ask again, how does a thirty year old woman who spends 99% of her time with a toddler make friends?


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