Linking up with Lena B. Acutally and Brin of Bold Butter Baby in Tuesday 10 today.  The theme is Ten Professions You Wish you had.

-My hopefully, someday, maybe-

High School English Teacher

Since I am now a stay at home momma, I this is no longer my job. but when it was, I loved it.  Someday I will probably be doing this again.

A novelist

If I could just get some of my great ideas down on paper and into some acceptable story format…

Book reviewer

Get free books, read them, talk about them, get paid.  What could be better?  Still kinda trying to make this happen.  So if you know anyone…

College English Professor

Always thought it would be fun.  Kinda like teaching high school, but with maybe more buy in from the students. 

Something in the book publishing umbrella

I love books and would love to have some input on what gets published.  I think this would be fun.

-My that ship has (probably) sailed, but what if-


With the giraffes please. No snakes!


Don’t I look like I could do this for a living?  Baby and all…

Professional Soccer Player

Maybe one day this was remotely possible, but when I watch women’s soccer I want to get out there sooo bad.

Soccer pics 096

Here’s me a few years back.


and here’s the pro.  Go Alex!

-My never gonna happen but it’s fun to dream-


Can’t carry a tune, but love to belt it out.


I can follow a recipe like nobody’s business.


I’ve been watching Bunheads too much lately.





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4 responses to “Tuesday10

  1. Jen Pace

    book reviewer or publishing industry… those are good ones!

    • Thanks. I don’t know what I’d want to do in the publishing world, but I think reading the manuscripts could be cool. Or really awful, depending on the manuscript.

  2. Jo

    I didn’t add this to my list but I would love to get paid to read, how awesome would that not be

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