I have to cleaning again? I did not sign up for this!

I have never been a fan of cleaning.  Just don’t like it.  I know, who does?  But it’s way down there on my list of “Things I want to do today.” Let me tell you, when Haley goes down for her nap, there are many things I want to do for the 1-2 “free” hours that I have:  read my book, write on my blog, browse the internet, watch as many Law & Order: SVU episodes as USA will air, fiddle around with my sewing machine… the list goes on and on.  Did you notice what was not on that list?  You got it: clean.   

However, now that I am a stay at home momma, I guess that it is expected that the house is clean.  It’s one of the few drawbacks of getting to stay home every day with my little squirt.  And it means a lot to the husband, and he works so hard.  Arg. And it was one of my New Year’s Resolutions.

So I spent a couple hours cleaning the house, and you know what, by the next day I swear you couldn’t tell.  So I have to clean the house every day!  WHAT?!?!  Between three adults, two dogs, and a sixteen month old, the cleaned house doesn’t stay that way for long.  So, I vacuum  mop, do laundry, wipe down counter tops, try-unsuccessfully- to get the finger prints off my stainless steal fridge (any suggestions, Windex not doin’ it), put Haley’s toys back where they belong, for the billionth time.  For what, so that I can start all over again tomorrow, actually tonight after dinner?

Haley tries to help, but the vacuum is still a bit too heavy for her.



I do appreciate the offer though.

I just got done with round one of cleaning today.  Have you seen this note on Pinterest? (I tried to look up the source, no luck)


I think it needs to be in my kitchen today.  Actually, the whole house, all the time.

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