This n That Thursday

This: I finished Haley’s Apron:


I am so happy with the way it turned out that I am going to make one for my friend’s 2 year old son, kinda a late bday present. Joann’s here I come!  This is the tutorial I found


That: Now that I have complete all of two projects, I have have what my momma calls “the bug.”  When I saw this dress, I said to myself “Dude, I can make that!”    


A. Yes, I say dude, a lot, to anyone, regardless of gender

B. I have no idea if I can actually make this.  Remember, I got my sewing maching for Christmas and I am barely a novice at this.  But thanks to the internet, I found another tutorial.  YAY! One step closer to Project Runway.

This: Somehow my coffeemaker broke…  Okay I did it!  I was trying to clean it out and broke what just happens to be a VERY important piece, the thingy that keeps the coffee inside the tank and not all over my counter. So until my replacement tank shows up in the mail (I was able to call HamiltonBeach and buy a new tank instead of a new coffee maker), I get to brew coffee like this



Ever so often I have to pour the cup back into the tank so it stays warm.  And I have to keep a pretty close eye on it while it brew or we have a pretty big mess on our hands (learned that one Monday).  Maybe this doesn’t seem all that dire, but coffee is extremely important to me, and I like it pretty hot.  And…

That:  The reason I was going all Monica Geller on my coffee maker is because my momma sent me two bags of my favorite coffee.  I wanted a nice clean coffee maker to make my awesome CBLT Mocha Java.  Now that it’s broken, I have to wait longer to make this wonderful coffee.  I know, life’s tough! At least I have Caribou Coffee to help me through this difficult time in my life…

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4 responses to “This n That Thursday

  1. Awww the apron is PRECIOUS!!!! And yes, dude, you can TOTALLY make that dress!!! 😉 haha I love that you said you went all “Monica Geller” on it. Too funny. Sounds like something I would do, for sure.


  2. What a cute apron and an adorable dress! Will be excited to see you pull it off! Love you reference to Monica Geller. I have a lot of those moments.

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