Improving my tomorrows

I haven’t been to the dentist in way too many years.  After the nagging comments from my husband, my MIL, and my own head,  I decided  to make an appointment.  Today was the day, ack!  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to cancel.  Or hoped that they would call and cancel, or my husband wouldn’t make it home to watch Haley so I wouldn’t be able to go, or there would be an issue with my insurance and I would have to reschedule (I thought up many escape strategies, and I only really had one day to think about it).

But I went.  And as I sat in the waiting room shaking- I’m not kidding, I was physically shaking, I could barely fill out the paper work- and contemplating just walking out of the waiting room, I went to facebook to distract me. As I was scrolling through FB, I saw this picture:


(ok, it wasn’t this exact photo, but the saying was the same and that’s what’s important!)

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows>”- Ralph Marston

Then it hit me, I could leave and continue to worry about my teeth while they progressively get worse and eventually have major dental issues on my hands,  or I could suck it up and be a big girl and save a load of stress and keep my teeth. So,  I stayed…  and I dealt with it.  And WOW!  I feel better than I have for awhile.  I have a few more dental appointments in my near future(a deep cleaning and a few fillings), and while things aren’t wonderful, at least I know my teeth aren’t going to fall out in my sleep (am I the only one who has this dream?).  Alright, so I probably would have stayed regardless, but these words did help me remember why I was there.

As you may have guessed, I have a tendency to put things off.  Sometimes to the last minute, sometimes way past that.  I don’t know why I do this.  Not only does not dealing with these types of things not make them any better, 99% of the time they get worse, so much worse. And I’m tired of it!  I am tired of stressing about things rather than dealing with them. I’m 30 years old for goodness sake (there’s a child who’s learning to talk in the home, gotta watch the language).

At the beginning of the year, a bunch of people were talking about their words.  The word they will live by for this year.  I sorta thought about it and the word I liked was “proactive” but I didn’t really feel it.  Another blogger, Katie from Katie did What used a phrase instead of a word, and I liked that idea, but still nothing jumped out at me.  When I read this quote, it all fit together. I need to think more long term, deal with problems as they arise, take care of things before they become problems.  I have said this to myself before, more than once.  And honestly, I don’t know if I mean it more today than I did before, but I really am getting frustrated with myself for doing this.

So here is my pledge:  I will no longer leave things for Future Lauren to figure out.  I will handle things as soon as they arise, or as soon as I can.  This applies to everything from picking up little messes around the house, to putting money away for the future.  Here it is again:


It’s amazing what a simple phrase can do for you when it comes to you at the right moment.

Ok, so I feel like I just made my self sound totally irresponsible, which I’m not, but we all have our bad habits…right?

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