This n That Thursday

This n That Thursday

This: These are my two dogs.


We’ve have Sadie (L) 4 years and Rudy (R) 6.  Ever since I had the baby, I feel like the worst doggie mommy.  I don’t pay nearly enough attention to them, I’m telling them to go away more than cuddling them.  And they are so good with Haley, letting her climb on them, playing ball with her, eating all the food she doesn’t want.  I’ve tried to take all three (baby + 2 dogs) on walks, but it’s not easy pushing a stroller and holding two leashes.

THAT:  My husband and I got a deep fryer this weekend.  

IMG_2321He wanted to make California Burritos (carne asada, quac, and french fries – I know I know but they’re so good) and we needed a fryer.  At first I was worried about having this fat making machine in my house and all the yummy fried food I wanted to make (I’ve never had fried Oreos) but that fear went away yesterday.  I wanted fries with lunch, so I had to go get the fryer out of the closet (we don’t have enough counter space for it to have permanent residence there), get it all set up, turn it on, wait for it to heat the oil, fry those fries.  Now the fun part, wait till everything cools, take it apart, clean the baskets, the coil, strain the oil and pour it into the jug, clean the vat (I don’t know if that’s what it’s called, but you know what I mean right) dry it all, putting it back together, putting it back in its storage place.  Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but remember people, I’m cleaning oil.  A lot of work for a few fries.  So- I’m happy we got the fryer (those burritos were awesome) and feel we got a pretty good one (they’re all going to be a pain in the keester to clean) and since it’s kinda a whole big thing to use it, I don’t think I’ll be using it daily.  But when I get a hankering for some fried mozzarella sticks, or donuts, or some onion rings… it’s nice to have on hand.

This:  I have decided I don’t much like shopping on-line.  Please don’t hate me, I have my reasons.

1. I don’t like to wait.  I know for some that’s the fun part, but I’d much rather just go to a store and buy what I want and have it then.

2.  I can’t hold the thing in my hand.  Maybe I’ve just had bad luck, but many times I’ve received something and it didn’t look as nice as it did in the picture.

3.  I can’t try it on.  I like to try things on.

4.  When you need to return it, it’s sometimes a hassle.

I bought a denim jacket online.  I wanted a particular one and they didn’t have it in the store.  So I tried on a similar jacket at the store so I’d know what size and bought the jacket online. It took over a week to get, when I finally got it, too big. I don’t like the cut of the jacket either, very boxy.  The store will refund my money minus S&H of course, but I have to mail it back and pay for that- I can only exchange it in the store.  So basically, I just paid 10 bucks to try it on.  I love to online window shop, but when it comes time to buy, I’d rather do it the old-fashioned way… unless you just cant get that item in the store, or there is no store near me, or there is an online only special.  I still don’t like it.  If any one has any suggestions I’d love to hear.

THAT:  I still haven’t gotten the new tank for my coffeemaker.  Boo!

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2 responses to “This n That Thursday

  1. Ahh I LOVE online shopping, but yes, there are risks in it, definitely. And I NEVER pay for shipping. It’s like, a rule of mine. haha. Also, California burritos are SO GOOOOOD. I used to get one all the time from this amazing Mexican place across from my high school. The best!


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