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This ‘n That Thursday

It’s week 2 of This and That Thursdays link up with Katie and Jena.  I have had major blogger’s block and haven’t written anything since last week, I better stop slackin’.

This I finished Scorch Trials (Maze Runner book 2) by James Dashner yesterday and immediately picked up Death Cure (Book 3).  This author writes some great cliffhangers! I am worried because my mom says Death Cure wasn’t good, but I am staying optimistic.

THAT I have tried to write a review for Maze Runner.  I have started it over three times and I still don’t like it. I am going to really try to get it done this weekend.

This is my new watch:

wpid-IMAG1041.jpgI got it at New York and Co for about $15 (now it’s buy one get one online here).  I really like it.  I figured it’ll hold me until I can convince my husband to get me the Real Thing, the Michael Kors Mini-Size Blair Multi-Function Glitz Watch, Rose Golden (so pretty!).

Now I want some earrings to match, some rose gold hoops sound about right.

THAT:  I hate my dishwasher.  It pretty much defeats the purpose when I have to rewash all the dishes before I put them away.  It’s basically a dirty dishes storage that rinses, a bit.

This: I made Haley a felt tree last Friday.  I got the felt pretty cheap at Wal-Mart and I used some old Christmas cookie cutters to outline the shapes.


I think I am way more interested in it than she is.  This is what happens after a few minutes.

wpid-IMAG1027.jpgShe pulls if off the wall and finds something else to do.  On the other hand, she does leave the real tree alone, so that’s good.

THAT I love Caribou Coffee.  When I lived California I would go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf all the time, I mean All THE TIME!  There aren’t many outside of Southern CA.  None in Houston TX, and none here in KC.  But there is Caribou Coffee, which is almost as good.  Their Berry White Mocha with milk chocolate (I guess that makes it just a berry mocha, but that’s the name on the menu)  is so good.  I have been there every day this week.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week. 



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