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Improving my tomorrows

I haven’t been to the dentist in way too many years.  After the nagging comments from my husband, my MIL, and my own head,  I decided  to make an appointment.  Today was the day, ack!  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to cancel.  Or hoped that they would call and cancel, or my husband wouldn’t make it home to watch Haley so I wouldn’t be able to go, or there would be an issue with my insurance and I would have to reschedule (I thought up many escape strategies, and I only really had one day to think about it).

But I went.  And as I sat in the waiting room shaking- I’m not kidding, I was physically shaking, I could barely fill out the paper work- and contemplating just walking out of the waiting room, I went to facebook to distract me. As I was scrolling through FB, I saw this picture:


(ok, it wasn’t this exact photo, but the saying was the same and that’s what’s important!)

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows>”- Ralph Marston

Then it hit me, I could leave and continue to worry about my teeth while they progressively get worse and eventually have major dental issues on my hands,  or I could suck it up and be a big girl and save a load of stress and keep my teeth. So,  I stayed…  and I dealt with it.  And WOW!  I feel better than I have for awhile.  I have a few more dental appointments in my near future(a deep cleaning and a few fillings), and while things aren’t wonderful, at least I know my teeth aren’t going to fall out in my sleep (am I the only one who has this dream?).  Alright, so I probably would have stayed regardless, but these words did help me remember why I was there.

As you may have guessed, I have a tendency to put things off.  Sometimes to the last minute, sometimes way past that.  I don’t know why I do this.  Not only does not dealing with these types of things not make them any better, 99% of the time they get worse, so much worse. And I’m tired of it!  I am tired of stressing about things rather than dealing with them. I’m 30 years old for goodness sake (there’s a child who’s learning to talk in the home, gotta watch the language).

At the beginning of the year, a bunch of people were talking about their words.  The word they will live by for this year.  I sorta thought about it and the word I liked was “proactive” but I didn’t really feel it.  Another blogger, Katie from Katie did What used a phrase instead of a word, and I liked that idea, but still nothing jumped out at me.  When I read this quote, it all fit together. I need to think more long term, deal with problems as they arise, take care of things before they become problems.  I have said this to myself before, more than once.  And honestly, I don’t know if I mean it more today than I did before, but I really am getting frustrated with myself for doing this.

So here is my pledge:  I will no longer leave things for Future Lauren to figure out.  I will handle things as soon as they arise, or as soon as I can.  This applies to everything from picking up little messes around the house, to putting money away for the future.  Here it is again:


It’s amazing what a simple phrase can do for you when it comes to you at the right moment.

Ok, so I feel like I just made my self sound totally irresponsible, which I’m not, but we all have our bad habits…right?


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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!  It’s that time again, to make some resolutions that don’t last very long.  This year I intend to make s solid attempt to follow through with at least some of my resolution, so I’m going to make a ton.  That way at I figure some will stick.

1.  Drink less soda/drink more water. I say this often, and I usually mean it, but lately I really haven’t been drinking enough water.  So That’s number one, drink more water.

2.  Work out more.  I have Just Dance 4, multiple work out videos, and I don’t work.  I really don’t have any good excuses to not work out more.

3. Write more.  More blog posts (at least 3 a week), more journaling, just more.

4.  Take more pictures of myself.  I know that sounds totally vain, but when I went to get pictures of myself, I have almost non.  I want more pictures of me with Haley, and me with my husband, and some of just me.

5.  Clean more.  I am not the best housekeeper.  I do not enjoy cleaning, at all.  But it is something that means a lot to my husband, and since he works so and I get to stay home it’s something that I can make more of an effort to do.


So that’s it.  I wrote it down and you all saw it, so there’s no denying it. Now time to follow through.  Hope all you’re New Year’s resolutions are successful.  Now I’m gonna go watch TV

= P.

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