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This n That Thursday

Linkin up with Katie from Katie Did What for some Thursday This n That.  Wow, already Thursday again.  January seems to be flying by.

This:  I went to Noodles & Co yesterday for lunch and these were my chopsticks:


A bit sassy don’t you think.  Really though, why else do we use chopsticks than to me us feel all important and sophisticated?  And the instructions, awesome.

THAT:  Last week I finished my first real sewing project (we are not going to talk about the bag I attempted to make).  I made a little dress for Haley.  This was the pattern i used and this is how it turned out


I did’t add the appliques because I didn’t think I was ready for that yet.  I made a lot of mistakes, but at least it looks like what it’s supposed to and she can wear it.  Next I am making her an apron. Hopefully it will be ready next week.  I’m nervous because I have to do that whole “sew two pieces of fabric together then turn right side out and finish” and  I haven’t done that before.  And it seems really hard.

This:  I saw Les Mis last week.  Of course Anne Hathaway did an amazing job and deserves several awards, but one of my favorite characters was the teenage Eponine.  This girl, Samantha Barks, was so beautiful, and had an amazing voice.  I was very impressed by her performance.  I always seems to connect with this type of character too.  I mean, my favorite character in Romeo and Juliet is Paris.  Anyways, isn’t she gorgeous?


THAT:  Okay I’m gonna say it, and I know so many people are not going to like it, but seriously ..  Les Mis…  do we really need all that singing?  Don’t get me wrong, it was an impressive movie.  The scenery was breathtaking.  But, after awhile (actually right away) the constant singing started to seem, well, silly.  When I got home I told my husband – who by the way hates musicals, other than Phantom because it’s a guys musical, whatever that means- that he would really like it, if there was a lot less singing.  A former thief trying to do the right thing, a cop who wont let him forget his past. People fighting back against a government who has mistreated them too long.  I’m planning on reading the book, the story is really good.  Please don’t come back at me and explain it’s an Opreta (or whatever) or that it’s a classic, or anything else.  I just think it would have been better if it had less singing.  Or maybe I need to see it on stage, because I wasn’t too impress with West Side Story the movie either and I like musicals.

Well, that’s my This n That.



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