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Tuesday 10


10 Things you still handwrite

I have been thinking about this list since I saw it on last weeks Tuesday 10 and I am sad to say that I did not come up with much.  When I was teaching, I hand wrote things all the time.  Notes home, lesson plan outlines, notes during meetings… Now that I stay at home, I realized I go days without writing anything by hand.  This is my meager list.

1.  Grocery list

I have one of these things on my fridge,


so there is some checking involved, but I do write most of the items by hand.  I also write what I plan on making for the week and where I plan on buying certain items.

2.  Weekly Menu


After I do my shopping before I throw out my grocery list, I write down what I plan on making that week.  Otherwise I forget.  The specific day actually means nothing.

3.  Checks

Like others have said, there are a few checks that we still write (my husband and I).  Like the one to the water company, which I think is due soon…

4.  Signing in

When we go to story time or the doctor’s, I have to sign in.  Just Haley’s name and mine.  Sometimes email, or insurance info.  Not very exciting at all.

So that’s about as far as I got.  Wow, that’s awful.  So the remainder of my list is devoted to things that I am going to try to write more by hand.

5. Cards/letters

This year all my Christmas cards were done, addressed, and sent through Cardstore.com.  Awesome, but I didn’t write a single thing by hand.  I sent cards to my grandma and papa a week or so ago, again through cardstore, again, nothing hand written.

6.  Haley’s baby book


This was from her birthday, in September.  I don’t think I have written in it since.  Bad mommy!

7.  Calendar

I have play dates, appointments, bills due.  I need to get a small planner and start writing things down.  I don’t like trying to put it in my phone calendar, just to much work.

8. Journaling

I have this weird thing where I love to buy journals.  Look how pretty.


The sad thing is they are all blank.  I love to buy them, think about all the wonderful things I am going to write in them, but they stay blank.

9.  Blog notes

I have ideas, don’t write them down, they go away.  I should change that.  Maybe use some of my journal space…

10.post it notes to hubby

I text him constantly, he might enjoy a few hand written post its. I know I do.  And I have a ton of post its from my teaching days.

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